Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Football Food my crazy version of pigs in a blanket

Last Saturday the group of friends that were kind enough to allow me to play in their Fantasy Football League, had the team draft. I know virtually nothing about football. But I like my friends, so I made food for the event. My version of Pigs in the Blanket. Started with a basic whole wheat bread dough, the usual, warm water, yeast, a tablespoon honey
and one of sea salt. Add a half cup olive oil and mix in wheat flour until stiff batter forms, then knead on medium for ten minutes. Add in a cup of diced green chilis. 
Make some chorizo, I soak my chorizo spices in a half cup of beer then mix in two pounds ground pork. Form it into little
football shapes and brown in olive oil.

Set them aside to drain. Here you can see them as they start to cook and then as they get a bit brown they give off the color from the


I bought a bunch of Spicy Italian sausages and cooked in the broiler. Hey, it was over a hundred outside, I wasn't going out to use the grill. Anyway, nice and browned.

Then I also took some Mozzarella cheese and cut into long pencil sized pieces. Then It was easy, take a golf ball sized piece of dough, flatten it out on the counter and add a piee of cheese, a split sausage, then a chorizo. Pull the sides together and pinch on the top.

Let them rise until double, bake at 400 until golden. And I also added some cheese to the tops to give them a nice crunch


Some Cajun Delights

I guess the pictures didn't come out all the well, but they tasted fantastic.
Potato and Spinach cakes. Grate using fine grater on food processor four Yukon Gold potatoes. Place into a dish towel and twist it to squeeze out as much moisture as possible. Then in large bowl, beat two eggs with a tablespoon Cajun seasoning. Add the potatoes and break the ball of shredded potatoes up into the individual shreds and toss well. Oops, before all that, take six cloves garlic sliced and add to large skillet with a tablespoon olive oil, cook a minute then add a pound of washed spinach. Turn over a few times, and cover, reduce heat to low and cook a few minutes until all completely wilted. Cool. put the spinach into a towel and squeeze to dry. Chop roughly the ball of spinach. Add to the potatoes and toss well. Wipe out the big skillet and add a quarter cup olive oil and bring up to smoking point. Then plop big half cup portions of the mix into the pan and sort of spread out. Brown well, turn and brown the other side. Remove and set aside to allow to drain. Make the sauce by starting with small dicing a red pepper, four celery stalks and a small onion. Sweat in olive oil and cook until starting to brown. Toss in some diced smoked mushrooms, or for those that eat meat, choose whatever you want. The smoked mushrooms are incredible, I thought they were bacon pieces. Anyway, add a quarter cup unbleached flour and a quarter cup Cajun seasoning and stir well until beginning to brown. Then add two cups or so of some stock. I used vegetable stock I made from trash in my freezer trash bag. (tops of celery, onion skins and whatever stored in the freezer for when you need stock)  Bring to boil, simmer about ten minutes or so. Now take a pack of sour cream and add a package of my Jalapeno Cilantro Dip Mix, set aside. In a nice clean hot pan, add some butter and then fry a couple eggs per person. Take one potato patty, place an egg on it, top with the sauce and then a dollop of that spicy sour cream. Yikes that will wake you all up.  Cajun seasoning recipe at bottom

Cajun Spice Blend - Mix together 2 oz. Cayenne pepper, 2 oz. sweet basil, 2 oz. ground thyme, 2 oz. garlic powder, 2 oz. onion powder, 1 oz. ground chili, 1 tsp. ground mustard, 1/8 tsp ground clove.  When using this mix, always add plenty of freshly ground black pepper.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Chapter 11 of I am god's emissary - The nature of consciousness and a bit about confession as well

This chapter was hard, I bring up the nature of consciousness and how thought occurs. And a bit about Catholicism as well.

Chapter 11 of my novel  I am god's Emissary
The emissary sat upright on his tiny worn out institutional bed. The sound of Jake the aide's music coming from his earplugs was unmistakable to a man with sensitive hearing who regularly expressed himself outside the reality realized by pretty much every other inhabitant on the planet. He rose, and then opened the door at the knock. Jake, no longer surprised by the speed at which the door opened at his slightest touch; led the way through the maze of locked doors and guards to arrive once again at the office of the chief, well, only psychiatrist there.
The emissary entered, smiled, shook the proffered hand from the priest, then sat. He purposely didn't look at the chair itself. Best not to give credence to any sort of attributes he might have at one time infused into what could be an alternate reality that was just a chair. Or so he hoped.
The doctor was the first to begin, "Look Mr. Marshall, I think that you raised more questions last week than were answered. And, I was left with a lot of questions."
The emissary broke in, "I apologize, it does seem that we always have so little time together, and just when we get started, we have to end. As to what you are going to ask, I'm sure that you know more about what science says regarding the subconscious mind than I. For me, we have just the general idiomatic phrases and concepts that may or may not be all that accurate, but this is what god has explained to me. We have a subconscious mind that works with the conscious mind and is always there, prodding us, giving us direction, and controlling what we see in this reality. I know that this is probably the most difficult concept I have given you to date. I mean really, how can we not see light within our everyday existence. That's what our eyes do, they see light. If there's light being given off by anything, we see it. Right?"
"Well, yeah. How did you know what I was going to ask?"
"Doc, you looked pretty startled when I said it. I'm not totally without perception. But, this is just one more thing we have to take on faith. This is the process, it's what god told me.  Animals don't have self awareness and nearly all of them see unbelievably better in the dark than humans. They see the light of life, that light that all living things have. Cats are especially adept at seeing the light. They are unencumbered with an internal dialogue telling them that light isn't there and that they can't see things. They just do it. For us humans, it's all part of the process. It may seem simple, living seems real to every one of us. Well, I shouldn't say that, for some of the other inmates here it probably isn't. But for most of us, this is what we see. A fixed set of well defined parameters of our existence.  A tree is a tree, it doesn't glow in the dark with the untold numbers of individual living organisms in it and on it. When I look at a tree at night, it glows. It GLOWS. Everything glows. That part of my specific portion of the Universal Consciousness that has taken residence in this physical life form has implanted itself in my mind and is the causative agent that has allowed me, and all humans, to have not just self awareness, but to be able to think logically, and progressively and is the reason why mankind has progressed from the stone age to the age we live in now. Whew, sorry. Okay, that consciousness resides in my mind and actively participates in my daily existence by differentiating the tangible physical world we live in from the world that in actuality is a construct of the Universal Consciousness and of which we, as humans living in just this third plane of existence would have difficulty navigating through if it weren't for the fact that our subconscious mind, that part of the UC, filters out the parts of the real world that would be detrimental to our existence. It's hard, believe me. Not having that internal dialogue going all the time has been pretty difficult to adapt to. The dialogue does more than filter the light of all living things from our ability to view it. The dialogue is what allows us to distinguish everyday objects, acknowledge rules and concepts for living in society, and just be able to function in a world where independent thought and self awareness are required. Without the UC part of ourselves and the internal dialogue we are like deer in the forest. Looking around all the time for predators and eating, both of which are instinctive responses. And neither requires self awareness. The internal dialogue is what separates us from lower animal forms. And allows us to live in a society. And it's also the problem as that self awareness fosters vanity, and remember that's why we're here, to learn how to balance life with vanity in a world and society where we are not really independent animals, but all individual living parts of the ultimate expression of life, the UC."
The three sat but a moment in silence before the priest began, "So, if I understand what you're saying, the Internal Dialogue processes reality and sort of, aligns thought processes that we have as individuals, with the construct we have been assigned as living embodiments of the UC. Am I close?"
The two looked somewhat stunned as they heard this from the priest. They looked at each other, surprise on each other's face. Then the emissary spoke. "Yeah Jake, that's actually pretty good. I'm surprised, but that's great. What...well?"
"Mr. Marshall, it isn't because I don't want to understand what you're telling us, I can. It's that I can't believe in it. I also understand the quantum theory that our conscious minds actually create reality and how our reality oscillates between form and pure energy. It's a concept that I've read about, I think I understand most of it, but I don't believe in it. My faith in God allows me to think about almost anything. God doesn't tell us we can't think. And there are many many concepts of reality out there, scientific, philosophic, rational and not so much."
"So where do I fit in there Jake?"
"Still thinking about it."
"Well that's something, thanks. Anyway, the Internal Dialogue is actually the non physical part of humans that's implanted into a newborn. It takes time for that infant to learn, well, everything. Walking, talking, you know, just growing up. It's during that timeframe that the dialogue grows, like an octopus within our minds and establishes a background with which the individual can live. The subconscious isn't a separate alien part of us, it completes us as human beings by giving us self awareness, differentiation of instinctive behaviors and the ability to learn. When I stop the internal dialogue, I do have tremendous clarity of thought because I no longer have the ID in there separating what I shouldn't see from reality. I can still think, I'm pretty sure my personality isn't in any way altered, I'm still me."
Then the doctor asked, "Well Mr. Marshall, I'm just curious, you said that when early humans were developed enough to accept the placement of the internal, well, the ID, it was done. Can you ask god when that happened, how long have we been existing with self consciousness?"
"Whew, yeah. I did ask god that one. And god said when it was time. I asked for a more accurate time frame and was not told, it's not important. So, yeah, sorry. But I do think it was sometime about the dawn of actual civilization. It's sort of tied in with one of the other things that god told me that the ID allows and helps with. Well there are several other things, but the big one for allowing us to live in large groups is called cognitive dissonance. It's one of those subconscious routines within our minds that we don't always specifically think about but it gives humans a preference for existing with other people similar to ourselves."
Then the doctor added quickly, "Yes, that's a concept from B F Skinner. He wrote about that a long time ago. He tells us that's why we generally have friends that have similar interests as we do ourselves. Technically it's the often unconscious act of referencing only those people with perspectives that fuel our preexisting views while at the same time ignoring opinions and even people that threaten our view of the world. Uh, well, that was a quote from my textbook back in school. It's, well, it seems to be quite similar with your idea."
"I also have a thought," the priest entered the conversation, "What happens to someone that doesn't have the internal dialogue? And I suppose that it's possible that someone somewhere stopped the, er, ID, and then would that drive them mad. Or what about drug use, they alter the ability of the mind to process reality, I think we know that, so does or could the drug user lose the ID as well?"
"Well first Doc, that's where I got the name of that particular bias. And yes, the ID is actually where and how that, along with so many of the other biases reside in our minds. And Jake, well, I don't know. I certainly remember back in the sixties, well, you know, we did some mind altering substances. And who knows, I think they indeed named them as such because the drugs indeed did just that. I, well, now days, I can't really remember specifically what happened, but I do recall that they were in fact quite disturbing, mind altering indeed. But I can't relate those experiences to what I am experiencing now. And as to the other thing, if someone were to lose their internal dialogue for some unexplained reason, which I don't think could be possible without willfully and knowingly doing such; so, I'm pretty sure that to whomever it happened  would be pretty much in a weird reality with no explanation, and possibly, well, go crazy."
The priest leaned forward and with a big grin, asked, "So, you did drugs back then Mr. Marshall?" And he looked at the comical expression on the face of the emissary that told more tales than words could have. "It's interesting, and like you said, improbable. But this brings us back to what you told us I think it was the second time we spoke. The big six riddles, or rather philosophical questions. I think it was number two, is our universe real. You likened that to the movie the Matrix or as you have just put it, a world put into us and kept in motion by our internal dialogue. Marie, you took notes that day, that's what he said wasn't it?"
"Yes, yes, I remember that." as she flipped back through pages on the note pad. "That's right, it is how you asked the question."
"Sorry, what I asked was whether or not our existence is real or like that in the movie, or whether or not we have that ID that keeps our world in motion. And specifically, that's what the ID does. It isn't just the action of processing our visual reality to eliminate that which might tempt us to recognize that humanity is composed of the basic form of Universal Consciousness, light, but it is there to process reality into keeping us believing that we are more than thinking hunks of meat. With religion. And those biases as well. There are many psychiatric described biases and all of them are based within the ID and that particular individual personality of the UC and those biases are part of the conflict I guess is a good explanation, that is a constant struggle between our conscious minds that exist for us in this reality and the UC personality that is the ultimate expression of our individuality. Both exist, and both are in fact one consciousness. Just like um, well, let's say that your home television is you as a living human. The signal that comes in is the reality of our life here on Mother Earth. It's scrambled, or well, in a form that is difficult for us to view and actually, the television set itself has components that unscramble the signal and we then recognize what's going on as reality. The ID are like those components, and just as they filter out what we shouldn't see as delineated by the UC as needed for existence here in the Third Plane, they also have their own particular sets of channels. Or the psychiatrically defined biases. They are our individual personality and for each of us, they consist of specific channels we view on ourselves as in this example, televisions. Reality, is the entirety of all the signals out there, but because we have our own individual personalities, we set our channel selector to our favorite station. Everything else still exists, but our ID allows our consciousness to function and see the reality we are supposed to see."
"Supposed to see?" asked the doctor.
"Well, yeah. Remember, we're here in the Third Plane of Existence. But because time doesn't exist outside of this Plane, we as individual consciousnesses of the UC are existing not just here, but in the other six planes as well. We need the ID to direct us to select the channels needed to experience the Third Plane."
The priest now stepped in. "Okay, so tell me, since you have stopped your internal dialogue, can you see, well, do you understand what is going on in the other planes of existence?"
"Well Jake, I wish that were so. However when I say I stop the internal dialogue, the reality is I'm only stopping part of it. The part that rationalizes this plane of existence by eliminating the filter that stops me from seeing that Mother Earth is alive and all living things are composed of light. We can't turn off the part that stops the mind from not seeing the other six. Hey wait a second. You know, it's possible that what we talked about before, a person going insane, who knows, maybe that's because their ID has in fact stopped the differentiation of the various Planes of Existence. That is something I never actually thought of before."
"Well Mr. Marshall, do you think that is something I should try looking into in my practice here? I mean we have always believed there are rational physical elements at work within the brains of people that are insane. With the advent of new classes of drugs to treat many of these psychoses is it possible that all we are doing is restoring to normality the physical minds ability to house the ID and that they are existing in a world where the visions and hallucinations are actually just their ability to see their alternate existences, or I guess, the other parts of themselves living in the other six planes of existence?"
The three were silent for nearly a minute. Then the emissary spoke, "Well now, that does put a different spin on things. I do know that what and how we treat our bodies plays a very important role in our ability to further our being within the Universal Consciousness path toward Oneness. And we can go into all that later, that's all about death and afterlife and stuff, but this is interesting and a great path for our discussion today. I think that it is in fact possible that should there be crossed pathways, damage, heavy metal toxicity or who knows what else, I'm not a psychiatrist or researcher on the subject, but it's possible that damage could in fact lead to alterations in the ability of the ID to function correctly. I know this because god and I discussed that possibility. Not specifically about being insane, but about mental ability and intelligence with regards to diet and nutrition both during pregnancy and after. Anything you do to upset the natural order of your body will alter the physical mind's ability to interact with the ID and ultimately our own consciousness. And to go back a bit, conscious thought is different from the ID. That sounds odd but when you are thinking about specific things, that's an interaction with your ID. But when you talk, your conscious thought takes over and it is the essence of you that is talking and the ID sort of takes a back seat. It's still there, it's just that the role lessens and you don't have that conversation going on in your mind. And if you remember, when we talked once before I told you that after I stopped my internal dialogue that's when I began to think with greater clarity than ever before. Does that make any sense?"
The priest readjusted himself in his chair before beginning, "Well then let me just ask you then Mr. Marshall, if this book you are writing in order to get your views out to the world has in it the method and means for everyone to stop their internal dialogue, won't that defeat the purpose that the universal consciousness put into effect in every human?"
The doctor then looked directly at the emissary, "Mr. Marshall, that's something that has bothered me as well. I mean there just seems to be a tremendous divergence in your story now. Quite a disparity. You told me, well us, what will happen when people stop their internal dialogue, you want to help us, and everyone to do the same. And yet you also tell us that in the grand scheme of things we need the ID and it's a necessary part of our existence. How do you reconcile that disparity?"
Then the emissary took a moment and stood, his knees popping and creaking a bit. He sat, then sort of gave his usual half smile. "Well, this isn't something that I wanted to address today, but. Well, I'll try. It's a believability factor. I have been informed by god that Mother Earth is nearing the point of no return. That man, modern man, has through the pursuit of the one great sin, vanity, performed horrific and grievous acts of destruction. Mother Earth has a pretty fair capacity for self renewal, and there is that thing, you know, we are here to learn Balance. To learn, there is a certain amount of destruction needed for humankind to exist. And all that's fine, but look at the state our Earth is in. It is becoming perilously close to the need for, ummmm, hmmm, well, removal."
"What does that mean?" asked the priest.
"Well, it would appear that if those of us within this, umm I guess, unit of existence, which is part of all existences within this plane of existence; aren't performing well and learning Balance as we have been put here to learn. Well, then, the consensus of thought, amongst the Universal Consciousness, is to, well, start over."
"What do you mean start over?" said the other two nearly in tandem.
"Yeah. It's what you think. Start over. Planet wide. You have to remember that to the UC, time has no meaning. All that will pass, is known, we are the ones existing within the framework wherein time is actually experienced. Oh, criminy, I'm trying to think of an analogy to give you that would help you to understand. And I can't. It's just that for us, we exist, we have to live our lives to experience life to completion and in that entirety, we can change our future at any time with any decision or action. Knowing that single concept, god has chosen me to bring this message so that all of humanity can learn, and work toward changing the future of everyone again in this unit of existence. And it does get hard to understand here, we can change, if we do change then we are furthering our path toward Oneness. If we don't change, then there will be a do over."
The priest began, "But doesn't that in effect describe a multidimensional existence? I mean we change or all die, and you say God, or this UC already knows what happens."
"No, not exactly. What happens now, depends on the choices we make as humans, in toto. There is but the one dimension, it has multiple possible outcomes dependent on the actions of the participants, but the final outcome, is known to the UC that established all the parameters of the entire process, the universe we live in. But there is just the one outcome."
Now the doctor chimed in. "And your part in all this is to stop that from happening. The starting over destruction of Earth I mean."
"Yeah. And you might think that I'm just loving that, the savior of mankind. But really, that's an unimaginable responsibility to place on me, or anyone. Really, is anyone that full of themselves to accept that great a burden of liability."
The priest leaned forward a bit, "So, not saying I believe any of this, but just a question, how much time do we have?"
"Yes, that's the main concern I have right now." added the doctor.
"Well, it isn't something planned for next week or anything. This is something wherein the seeds of change are being sown, well, here, now, with you two. Down the road, the book will hopefully spread and encompass ever more and greater awareness and change will occur. This goes back to why we need to get people to stop the Internal Dialogue. Once that happens, it will be confirmation that all of this stuff is real. Everything, the Universal Consciousness, all of life, the Universe. Everything. And then change will come. And that big sneeze will be avoided."
The two sat and stared at the emissary. Then the priest started, "Okay, was with you there, but the big sneeze. What's that?"
"Well, it's kind of the analogy that god used. The human spirit of use the Mother Earth for personal gain at the expense of our future is, well, likened to a sneeze. Remember Mother Earth is alive. And the pollution, destruction of our world, incessant destruction in various ways are irritants to the life or our Mother. It's all building up, and if it gets too bad, then boom, a giant sneeze as Mother Earth shudders and shakes and attempts to equalize herself. And it all begins again. A do over. And remember, time is a concept for us as humans living in this plane of existence and in the grand scheme of the universe, has already happened and so if we are so vain, so into achieving absolute total domination over our lives and our home planet that we are unable to see how living better, cleaner, safer and more in line with the concepts of previous prophets such as Jesus and Buddha and all the rest, then we aren't learning Balance at all. And so, start over."
"And that's your task that you told me god has set before you." Asked the doctor.
"Yeah, scary. Again, how do I instill into people that claim to live their lives under one or the other belief systems that pretty much all preach the same concept of live good lives, and yet as a whole, mankind pretty much doesn't. It's a difficult thing. Most every one has that belief, or in reality it's that desire to believe. But they don't have the actual belief itself. If they did, then this wouldn't even be an issue. But that's the problem, I have to break that cycle, the desire to believe, but not the actual belief. And it's more than just that, I have to add in there the concept that Mother Earth is part of it all and doesn't really care for the fact that mankind has pretty much forgotten about her."
All three sat once again in silence. Then after a minute or so, the priest began. "Well Mr. Marshall, I take exception to what you're saying. The Church is doing more for the betterment of mankind and giving faith and belief in a Higher Power than you are at all aware of it seems."
"No, it isn't." Interrupted the emissary. "You may want to believe that, in fact you probably do. But it isn't true. Look at the church Jake, how is the church policy regarding the priestly abuse of children not dealt with better. It should never happen. Ever. And Jake, every time some priest somewhere gives absolution and forgiveness to someone that has sinned you are doing a discourtesy to god. It's not okay to sin and then be forgiven for it. That's not learning Balance,..."
The priest now interrupted, "And just what do you propose then? The giving of absolution to the penitent for sins is at the very heart of our faith. It's how we grow and become one with God through His forgiveness for the acts committed here as mortals. It's because the Christ died for our sins as mortals, we are able to receive penance, confess and be absolved by a priest for those sins."
"Well I agree with you Jake, but the reality is a whole lot different than that concept now isn't it? I mean that for the most part the sins confessed are pretty brutally mundane and the belief of the majority of Catholics is that now that they have been absolved, then life goes on. The point here is that it's all well and good, but is there true and real learning going on and is the act of confession in any way able to achieve real growth as humans and does it in anyway lead toward Oneness. And by that I mean in fact, being One with God. Or does it just for the most part and for most of the people, just play lip service and perpetuate the concept of the church and the pomp and spectacle rather than achieving any actual spiritual growth?"
Even the doctor stared at her friend the priest, waiting for his response. When it came, he was obviously saddened by his own comments. "Well, certainly within the Church, there is that factor, that need for parishioners to I suppose, just commune with the Church itself and all the traditions. And yes, confession. And you're right, back in the day confession was a bit of a chore shared by the brothers and it was for the most part, pretty mundane and, well, repetitive. So, how did our discussion get to this point, I thought we were talking about many other more interesting things than this."
The emissary stood, "Indeed, strange how conversations change during the course of the moment. Sadly today we are done, it's that time." He turned and opened the door just as Jake the aide began the first knock. He left, leaving the two friends to once again wonder about this man and his professed mission.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Chef Roy The Great Food Guy

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Monday, August 3, 2015

Human Evolution, it's all about Acceptable Losses

I'm sure most everyone, well those my age or thereabouts, have watched war movies. Or even M.A.S.H. the episode with the General that wanted to take a hill and he decided that 20% casualty rate was acceptable. It has always been a very real and frightening concept, Acceptable Losses. To get anywhere, to get anything done, people are going to die. Dead. Deaths. Or perhaps just permanently disabled. It's a fact of war, the calculation of the number of human lives needed to achieve a particular objective. The lives of real live human beings converted into the abstract representation of a number. But that's war. Lives are expected to be lost. Hills need to be taken, young men need to die to get that done.

That same concept however exists elsewhere in our modern world run by those that themselves never get their hands dirty. Pretty much everything within our modern society has been developed using those same statistical functionalities of Acceptable Losses. Granted, manufacturers and our government bureaucracies all work to attempt to limit the final evaluation of total Acceptable Losses, that's why there are safety features on cars, occasional inspections of bridges and transportation infrastructures. Along with the safety testing of drugs, food additives, food manufacturing processes, air quality, and water quality. And yes, even vaccines. The thing is, EVERYONE will agree that the human body is in itself a miracle. Each and every single person out there reacts differently to differing stimulus, foods, drugs and whatever. We are all humans, but we all are very different.

That's where the problems lie. It is impossible to test the safety and effectiveness of anything on the population as a whole as individuals react differently and therefore drugs, foods, cars, and everything else can only be designed to be beneficial for a statistically significant majority of the population. Those that don't quite fit into that large majority become, Acceptable Losses. It's inevitable, there will always be people that die from something within everything that modern society offers, be it processed foods, cigarettes, drugs, vaccines, and yes, especially cars. They can make them safer, but they can't make those that drive totally cognizant of everything. Therefore, some die.

The concept is sound, it is always going to be with us. Our government and the Elite of industry tell us they are all working hard to lower that magic number of Acceptable Losses all the time. Well, they tell us that. It isn't always true. In 2010 two researchers, senior researchers, went to the Feds to expose how their employer, Merck, was defrauding the world with their portion of the MMR vaccine that was ineffective, dangerous and that Merck knew about it and sold it anyway. (Merck)  One case? No, not really. This is just one case of whisteblowers that most have never heard about and shows the tactics that the company and yes, even our government is fighting to cover up. It is not the only case of malfeasance. Pretty much every single drug manufacturer has been in court with the FDA and accepting fines for doing the unthinkable, falsifying data to get their products approved. (Forbes on FDA Fines) (The FDA on banning) (The Justice Department on Fraud in the drug industry)

Yikes. Not everyone seems to be honest about making money. Perhaps there is a reason for it all. And here, this is all pure speculation. But it is a very real and viable concept that explains the actions of the leaders of our world. In order to eliminate the majority of those that don't fit into the well defined medium that has been established wherein safety measures for food, drugs, vaccines, and yes even cars are effective; they are allowed to just die off. Not unlike those leaders of the past that attempted genocide for particularly personal prejudices, today's rulers are practicing genocide on a much grander scale with what they consider more noble ideals. Anyone that doesn't fit into those parameters where their chosen food additives, drugs and vaccines are viable and effective, need to be eliminated from society so that society as a whole can exist without the need for continuous monitoring and testing of products for safety. The safety will be built into the existing population. The survivors that now populate the world will still exist because their ancestors survived the introduction of GMO's, food additives, McDonald's and drugs and are now a homogeneous blend of a specific genotype that reacts similarly to the outside stimulus in statistically predictable ways. With Acceptable Losses...

Friday, July 24, 2015

Science versus Nature, The Dawning of a new era in food science, NATURE

It's been a long time coming, and the road to get where we are has been hard fought; but we aren't there yet. There, is the place where all processed foods are made with healthy natural ingredients. There, is an ideal, a concept, a wish, a dream. But, every week it seems that more and more big food companies bow to the pressure that consumers exert with their spending dollars and conform to that ideal of cleaner safer foods. For the last five years the largest growth in the food industry has been in organic foods. Double digit growth. In a few instances, triple digit. Sales amongst the traditional food processors has been stagnant, or in so many cases, declining. Big business can't survive when small industries show the giants that they can make big money by making clean products designed to encourage the growing mass of consumers that desire better foods for themselves and their families.

Last week, Campbell's Soups announced that they will stop adding MSG and artificial colors to their soups.
Earlier this year there have been a number of announcements to break the traditions of money over health.
Chipotle Restaurants announced they will not use any products that contain GMO ingredients
Kraft foods acquiesced to consumer pressure and announced the removal of all coal tar dies from Mac and Cheese products
Subway Restaurants announced they would remove Azodicarbonamide from all their breads
White Wave and Horizon Dairies agreed to remove carragenan from all their products
Panera Restaurants announced they will remove all artificial ingredients from their products
Papa John's and Taco Bell both announced the removal of all artificial ingredients including corn syrup
Chik-Fil-A will remove High Fructose Corn Syrup from the buns used for sandwiches.
And yes, even McDonald's has pledged to REDUCE the amount of antibiotics used in production of chickens, nothing else, but hey, it's a start
And finally, Nestle Corporation. Nestle is the largest food manufacturer in the world. They recently announced that they would remove the artificial colors in about 250 of their candies. Three years ago they stunned a very very very small part of the world with the announcement that was not carried by any major or minor media outlet, that they would no longer, er, well, encourage, the use of child slavery in the production of cacao in the country of Ivory Coast. Now again, Cote de Ivory only produces twenty percent of the chocolate for Nestle and so far they have not announced any plans to enforce the ban on child slavery anywhere else, but hey, it's a start.

All of these things have come about because of consumer demand. Some from actual petition drives with hundreds of thousands of people signing petitions to show these giant companies that a few cents difference in price to make a healthier product is where they will spend their food dollars. The rest are just big companies realizing that it's the right thing to do. And then there's Papa John, jumping on the bandwagon because his chain is in last place and maybe it will help. But for whatever reason, it's a start. 

Oh, and one of the biggest news items ever, the FDA has officially removed partially hydrogenated oils, trans fats, from the GRAS list and all food manufacturers have until 2018 to remove them from all processed foods. Now that's something to celebrate. It took fifty years for the FDA to react, but it shows the food industry that some things do indeed, get done.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

MONEY! There's a sucker born every minute

Everyone wants money. It's the basis of life in the worldwide society. Everyone needs money to exist. And they need ever more and larger amounts of money to live better lifestyles. Working hard for your money is one way to get ahead, but there are ways to get more money and to let others do the hard work for you and you can reap the rewards of their labors. Professions like politicians, bankers, insurance sales, lawyers all make money off the work of others. Well, bankers also make mistakes then take money offered to them from the government for doing their jobs poorly. But that's all another story. What we want to look at are those that want money, and don't believe that the laws or plain civility apply to themselves. Those are the thieves in the world. And the con men. The Bernie Madoff complex. People that devise ever more complex ways in which they can make suckers believe that if they give them money, they will be repaid with huge dividends. There have been quite a few of these people like the guy whose name has been used as the defining nomenclature for the process, Charles Ponzi.

I have a friend back in Austin. She has been a great fan of these get rich quick schemes for some time now. Years. Every year, often with more frequency, she has a new scheme and attempts to get me to invest. No matter how much I try to explain how the pyramid works, she disputes me and tells me that there are other people  out there that have reaped riches beyond their wildest dreams. Well, yeah, there are a lot of people hired to do such things and even if not hired to say that, the whole pyramid only works if those at the top recruit people below them. They won't recruit unless they can see money coming out of the scheme to pay them for their investment. No payouts, why recruit, no recruits, the whole thing fails and the ring leader is stuck with only the money they bilked out of the very few first time investors.

Here's the problem though, there are a whole lot of people out there that understand how that works. And they are constantly on the prowl for new and ever more exotic and complex Ponzi pyramid schemes. If you get in first, if you're a fast talker and can sell, then you will reap the rewards that are promised. Here's how these schemes work.unilevel-commission-structure

If you start at the top at the beginning of a scheme, then you are in prime real estate. If you put in your 3k bucks and find three people that also invest 3k and each of them finds three, well you can see how the pyramid works. And if all you do is promise a 20% return, then that leaves a whole lot of money for the Bernie Manof wannabee running the scheme with a ton of money.unilevel-commission-structure

My friends newest scheme, Options Rider. This guy claims he has secret software that allows him to purchase options on monetary tradings in international money exchanges. These trades net him 88% return DAILY!!!!!!!!!!  Click here to go see the stuff (OPTIONS)  Honestly, these guys actually find people that give them money. Let me repeat that, they GIVE the creators of these schemes their own MONEY. GIVE!! If you are at the top, you might, again, might get some of it back. The rules for getting your money out of this scheme, and really most schemes, are incredibly unrealistic. Loss of up to 20% of earnings for withdrawal of not just what is claimed you earned on your investment, but also on your original investment as well. And the big one, none is guaranteed. The big disclaimer is that past performance is not an indication of what your investment will earn. So, you give them 3k, they invest 5% daily, and hope that you earn. If you do, and your money grows, you can't remove it unless you want to pay them a hefty chunk of change. And although the man claims to have been in business doing this for 5 years, the website is only a few months old. And the address of the company is non-existent.
People want money to work for them and earn them more than they can earn by working hard. That's why these schemes are so common and attract so many people. But think about it. If this guy in this scheme or most of the schemes out there, had a way to make that much money, why do they need your money to invest for you? They need you to recruit. If you do a great job for them, they reward you. If you don't, you get squat. My friend, she has gotten squat. But she is ever hopeful that the next one will be the real deal and make her a billionaire.