Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Would you believe...

From my facebook post, 3/23, "Would you believe me if I told you that your body is designed to allow you to live a healthy vibrant existence, to give you 75 to 80 years of good health and vitality? Pretty much ALL of the disease and disability is caused by the actions of mankind unto itself. Not just wars and accidents, but virtually every disease that assails and destroys lives is caused by man's inability to comprehend how to exist within his own environment or how to nourish his own body instead of his own desires. Sounds unreasonable, yet it's all true."

THAT, is, in fact, impossible for humans to believe. Today, we get old, we wear out, we are tired, sick and our systems don't work as they did when we were youthful. Chronic degenerative diseases are common, and instances where we have two, three or more chronic diseases are normal for anyone that is able to live to their fifties or older. Healthy vibrant individuals that live, work and are active to that age and beyond are anomalies.Whereas the percentage of the populace requiring health services to exist has grown, and the age at which those services are now needed has dropped. We as a human population have indeed increased our life expectancy over the last century, however that life is no longer the same quality it once was. Just a personal example here, in 1979 my grandfather at the age of 96 found it difficult to drive anymore so he walked the 8 miles to the nursing home every single day to see his wife who was there because she had fallen and broken a hip. (Well we don't talk about it, but it was probably an accident in the bedroom, they were still very active) It was on one of those walks to the home in the snow that a motorist skidded in the fresh snow and slammed into my grandfather thus sending him into the same room as his wife. At 96, he walked 16 miles a day. Nearly every day. Thirty years ago that story was pretty commonplace, there were a large number of adults that were active, living full rich lives in their retirement years. Today, the largest industry in the country is medical care with nursing homes rapidly rising within that industry to frightening numbers. (Wall Street Journal) In 2003 the medical industry outgrew manufacturing as the leading employer in America. ALL MANUFACTURING. All retail, all customer service, (well most of those jobs are overseas now) and every other industry. Health care.

How did that happen? Believe it or not, I know.

Twenty years ago the CEO of Monsanto gave a speech to industry executives wherein he laid out a program for Monsanto to use its influence techniques with every government in the world with the eventual goal to, rule the world. (Book, Corrupt to the Core) Agriculture corporations in fact do rule the world. Pretty much they have monopolies on seed production and the chemicals used in modern monoculture farming techniques. And the worst part is that governments across the globe have little influence on what they sell, how they sell it, and what damage is done through the use of those products. And there is damage, lots of damage. This is a new video that's out, it's called (Seeds of Death) it will give you an idea as to how much global destruction has already occurred and what to expect in the future. The movie briefly approaches the subject of pesticide usage in the world and how that is one of the many problems with human health today.

I personally believe that it is one of the most important causes of the loss of health and vitality of humans as we age. There is this common concept within the mentality of our government regulators wherein when they are asked to approve any chemical that will be in any food that humans consume that if it is poisonous at a moderately high level of ingestion, then small amounts can't hurt us. That's why there are so many chemical additives to our food supply and so many pesticides sprayed on our foods when they are grown. A little bit won't hurt us. The problem is that anyone eating processed food, drinking modern milk, eating modern meats, is getting a whole lot of little bits of poisons. The human body is indeed a miracle, it can tolerate a lot of stuff, but the sum total of all that gets into our foods causes our bodies to work ever harder to eliminate all of those toxins. The end result is that our bodies have to fight the effects of aging when most of the resources are going to just staying alive and getting rid of the crap in the food we eat. 

Believe it or not, it's not just me saying all this, it's a lot of experts that together are refuting the evidence that the agrigiant corporations present to regulators showing how harmless their products might be. With no actual testing in long term of any animals. 

You are what you eat, Believe it or Not.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Surely all those chemicals in our food are safe, the government approves them. Right?

That simple statement is one that is the most difficult concepts to overcome. It's completely ingrained in the minds of the vast majority of Americans, our government says it's okay, therefore it's safe to eat. 

Americans seem to have short memories. Our leaders lie to us. 

All the time.

Business leaders lie to us.

All the time. 

The media doesn't lie to us, they just don't release stories that give us a true and factual reporting of reality. They can't, six corporations own 98% of all the media available to Americans. They lie by exclusion of facts.

All the time.

We lie to ourselves. 

All the time.

I think it's a safe bet that most Americans never look at the ingredient list on any of the food they consume. Or if they do look, they have no idea what most of the additives are that are listed. Or why they are even in their food. They are listed, so they must be safe. Our government says so. 

Our federal government has a small bureau that is charged with overseeing the safety of the food supply here in America. The FDA. The FDA has a list called EAFUS. It stands for Everything Added to Food in the United States. Right now, the list has over 3,000 entries. There are 700 of those entries that are listed by another government bureau that is charged with overseeing the safety of Americans in a slightly different manner, that one is called the EPA. Part of the job of the EPA is to determine what chemicals used by industry here in the United States that might be harmful to the citizenry. And they test those chemicals to determine how toxic they are and give rules regarding working conditions, usage, disposal rules and the big one, just what happens when humans are exposed to those chemicals. Those 700 chemicals in the EPA database are listed as Class I or Class II carcinogens. Some are even given this designation "Approved for NON-Food Use". Those specific chemicals may indeed have specific industrial applications, it's just that they are toxic enough that they should not be in food. And yet, the FDA lists them on the EAFUS. (One Example click here)

One of them is lying.

But then, aren't they all?

Sunday, March 8, 2015

All Natural Artificial Sweeteners, to the Rescue Once Again, they are the Perfect Insecticide

I think that most people know about the lies, oops, sorry, the marketing ploy used by so many food manufacturers with the use of the words "ALL NATURAL" to label their products. The wondrous FDA doesn't really care one way or another if any food product is labeled as such or not, and also they don't care what's in the food product once it is labeled that way. The FDA actually believe that consumers read every single word on the ingredients lists printed right on the packages of food products and understand the science behind all of the ingredients that most, well nearly ALL, consumers are unable to pronounce. And the FDA is insistent that food manufacturers print nearly all of the unpronounceable ingredients that they throw into our foods, they just don't really care one way or another as to whether those unpronounceable ingredients are safe or not.

That's kind of a bureaucratic anomaly now isn't it?

I personally think it is. The FDA requires that if the finished product contains less than one percent of any ingredient that has been added to the mix, then it isn't required to be listed on the label. If any ingredient added has a somewhat checkered past and was manufactured in huge or not so huge, laboratories using techniques that make old Doc Frankenstein look like Old MacDonald; well that's quite fine with our protector of our food supply as well. And it is even perfectly fine to label the stuff as being "ALL NATURAL" regardless of what chemicals, solvents, and crap is used to process the stuff. More than one percent of the total, than list it on the label, and it is up to the consumer to understand what that ingredient is.

I've turned my attention to some products that fit into this description in the past. Artificial sweeteners have elicited my wrath in the past, (Sweeteners) and with good reason. Some of the new ones have huge patents on file and the processes to manufacture them involve all kinds of toxic chemicals with the Coke patent for their stevia condensate having over forty steps using some very nasty stuff. But, the finished product, "ALL NATURAL"  And of course, a great insecticide as well.

Yep. I know that Sucralose, or Splenda is closely related to DDT, but now the most popular ALL NATURAL non-nutritive sweetener in use today has been found to be an exceptional, bug killer. A new study is out about erythritol, one of the many sugar alcohols that the food industry has embraced as wondrous and non-nutritive. Well they have found that 85% is excreted unchanged within 72 hours of ingestion. Therefore the assumption is that it is non-nutritive. The math doesn't exactly work out but for those making tons of money on the stuff, it seems to. However those same wall street fat cats can't hide the results of the newest study detailing just how wondrous their ALL NATURAL sweetener is at killing insects. That is just what everyone wants now isn't if, bug killers in their drinks. (Sugar Alcohol as bug killer)  Well, it's your health, I warned you. So many of the deleterious effects of the FDA allowed poisons in our food supply are cumulative and will only show up after a few years of consuming them. 

Or who knows, maybe that's why long term degenerative diseases are on the rise here in America where so much of our food is processed and "ALL NATURAL"

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Good vs Bad, and time changes all views

Perspective. How we look at the industry of science and medicine changes with time. It only makes sense, as we learn more about what it is we do, we begin to better understand how the human body really works and how the things in our environment, both artificially made and natural, affect us individually as well as humanity as a whole. Let me illustrate this point by telling you about one of modern medicine's greatest inventions, the X-ray. When introduced, it was indeed a miracle. Doctors used it with no regard to safety, as at that time there were no concerns that X-rays could in any way be dangerous. In fact at one time shoe stores had X-ray machines in them where you could put on a pair of shoes and get a clear X-ray image of how well the new shoes fit your feet. Alas, as all too often occurs, medical mentality was alerted to the rather nasty side effects of harmful X-rays. A million or so cases of cancer, degenerative bone and organ disorders and science came to the rescue and declared that the miracle X-rays were in fact, not the panacea for medical diagnosis as they thought. The medical industry was in fact, wrong. Good became Bad, and time changed the views of the industry and eventually the mindset of the public. It isn't the only case
When your child is sick and has a fever, give them aspirin.

Butter is bad for your heart. Margarine and man made trans fats are healthy

With their high cholesterol you should only eat eggs rarely

If your anxious or nervous, take Thalidomide, it's safe

When you have an ulcer eat bland food

Low fat diets will help you lose weight

Drink plenty of milk for strong healthy bones.

Every one of these has been proven wrong with new research. The perception of the masses is changing, albeit slowly. Aspirin when given to children runs the risk of inducing a condition known as Reye's Syndrome. Butter is one of the healthiest fats there is, well, good organic butter is. Nearly a century of science telling us that trans fats are good for us is slowly ending, the FDA hasn't banned trans fats, but now admits they are not as healthy as once believed to be. Eggs are no longer considered to be demons in a shell, they have won back their status as healthy alternative sources of protein. Well, pasture raised organic eggs are, CAFO mass production eggs are anything but healthy. Thalidomide was one of those oops moments in medical history with a few thousand birth defects and other problems. Ulcers are now known to be caused by a bacterial infection, eating foods with capsaicin or any other spice has no effect on them. A low fat diet has been shown to be unhealthy in many studies, however it is one of the more persistent fallacies of the medical community indoctrination. Milk has been repeatedly shown to be unhealthy, damaging to bone health and the cause of arthritis and a number of degenerative diseases. This one claim is the most difficult perception to change as it is so ingrained in the modern human populations by industry advertising and medical education. (MILK info)

How do you try and defeat decades of what has always been assumed to be common sense? Concepts that are fed to us daily in mass advertising campaigns, and told to us as being gospel truths by doctors and force fed to our children in schools.

This indeed is the most difficult thing to do. Ansel Keys back in the fifties did a study on a number of specific population groups and their particular diets. He wanted to prove something, so he took the seven groups that the evidence agreed with his concept (totally ignoring the other 22 groups) and published his very skewed and very poorly correlated findings. That finding, saturated fat was bad and caused heart disease. Every other medical professional took that finding as gospel and that's why margarine and trans fats became the huge industry they became. That's how the system works. Getting rid of that perception is unbelievably difficult. We KNOW that trans fats are unhealthy for humans, science has irrefutable proof. Go to the dairy aisle in your local grocer and look at how many types of margarine are offered for sale. That perception still persists today as evidenced by the huge numbers of products containing trans fats not just there in the dairy aisle, but everywhere else in the store. The stuff is in everything, from Oreos to breads to coffee creamer to virtually all fried foods to crackers to microwave popcorn to, well, you get the idea. Most processed food has added trans fats to increase flavor desirability and increase shelf life.

Vaccines are safe and save lives.

In 2012 the EU ECDC reported that 612 humans from age 7 to age 69 died after getting the flu vaccine. Only 300 died after contracting the actual flu or with any of its complications. In the US the FDA has established the VAERS to track any adverse events related to any vaccine. In 2013 there were 92,000 adverse events with over 300 deaths reported from flu vaccines. The CDC estimates that only four percent of adverse events get reported to the VAERS. In 2012 the Vaccine Court paid out 2.6 billion dollars for vaccine injuries.

Perception. Reality. Science. Money. All of these things are interdependent.

The few things listed here are just a minute number of those misconceptions that have occurred, and medical science along with the manufacturers of products shown to be harmful; have together worked hard to ingrain those perceptions into the minds of the human population.Some times we get lucky and find out what aspirin causes. And X-rays, and everything else that when introduced to the world has been touted as the wondrous panacea to end all or our suffering and make our lives better, longer, stronger, thinner and so so so many other claims.

 Not everything is as it seems according to those that make money on your health and well being.

Not everyone sees things the way I do. To them, I say, just once, just this one time, do a little research and just try being informed, instead of just opinionated. Go get an X-ray, they won't hurt you. And smoke a Camel, more doctors do.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Time to update the Top Ten Lists. Things to include in your diet, and Things to remove.

A year or so ago I wrote a few entries here about what I felt you should add to your diet and what to remove from your diet. They remain very popular, with all three receiving almost as many hits each month as the ones about Truvia and Nectresse. (Remove) (Add to diet) (Revisit Add) Fake sweeteners are of course the biggest draw to my site, and generate the most email as well. And I should update that info as well, there has been some new research on the stuff. But for now, here in one all inclusive package, my new and improved updated Top Ten Lists of what to eat and what to avoid.

Top Ten Things to ADD to your Diet.

Number TEN: Whole fruits and vegetables. Do I really need to explain this? Juice that you make fresh at home is okay to a degree, just not instead of any of the whole product. I mean I juice a lot. But mostly wheat grass, ginger, parsley and to make it palatable, apples and carrots. But processed bottled or canned juice is dead and lifeless with NO nutritive value at all other than a bit of hydration despite what the TV ads tell you. But, eat them raw, eat them steamed, eat them stewed, eat them in pudding. WHAT? Whatever, just do what it takes to eat more of them.

Number NINE:  FUN STUFF! Things like good natural beer, wine and of course, chocolate. The research is in, and a lot of it was NOT paid for by those industries, it's just good research showing lifetime benefits to eating and drinking these things. Hey, go for it, in moderation, it's all good.

Number EIGHT:  WILD Caught Seafood. Yes, it's true, salmon is a fantastic addition with absolutely wondrous Omega 3 fats, high in easily digestible protein as well as a plethora of trace minerals like Iodine. Canned salmon is affordable and wondrous things can be done with it. Wild Gulf Shrimp are exquisite and a treat anytime. Even sardines, mackerel, and anchovies are fantastic additions to your diet because of the fat content and minerals. And of course stay away from high mercury fish and go with sustainable species. The Monterrey Aquarium has a great site to visit to pick GOOD fish over BAD ones. (Seafood Watch)

Number SEVEN:  SUPPLEMENTS. Yeah, we don't eat the way Cavemen did a million years ago. Those Paleo people are right about that. But little else. We as proto humans evolved eating lots and lots of plant material along with fruit, nuts and a bit of scavenged meat on occasion. All that green stuff was packed with vitamins and minerals. Our diets today are sad, in fact we in the biz call it the SAD (Standard American Diet) because it is so SAD. In today's world it is pretty hard to eat enough plant material to get your vitamin needs met, therefore supplementation is a pretty good idea. I don't mean those chewy flavored sugar bits in various shapes, that isn't a real source. I mean good quality supplements. And yes, there has been recent controversy about store brands at national chains pretty much being devoid of what the label stated, but go to national brands that are USP Verified. Vitamin C, take a couple GRAMS daily, go with Vitamins D3, E, K, and a general multi would be a good idea as well. Then supplement that with whatever you can afford. I take cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, saw palmetto, ginko and I know it sounds weird, but I also take red clay tablets. And brewers yeast. 

Number SIX: OIL, yep oil. Good high quality oils like olive, coconut and nut oils. They are high in Omega 3 oils and excellent sources of saturated fats with the largest percentage of Medium Chain Triglycerides of any fat sources available to you. Good stuff!

Number FIVE: FERMENTED FOOD, western medicine has just recently begun to figure out how important the bacteria living in our digestive tract are to health. Adding new bacteria, different strains and varieties makes for a better immune system for humans. Other cultures consume fermented foods regularly, Americans should as well. Sugar sweetened yogurt is not ideal, but better than nothing. Expand your horizons and go for some new stuff, Kefir, Real Sourkraut, Kimchee, Miso, and start there, never be afraid to experiment with new flavors and textures. Your health will be better for it, and for the most part, so will your taste buds.

Number FOUR: ORGANIC BUTTER & EGGS. The advice from doctors for decades was not to eat these things. Well, guess what, they were wrong. Both are exceptional dietary items and tasty as well. But get real, organic is the only way to go, the commercial factory made stuff is loaded with toxins.

Number THREE: PRODUCTS FROM THE SEA: Seaweed specifically although really any wild caught fish are included here. The reason, iodine. This important nutrient is lacking in modern western processed food cultures. And the worst part is that the similar element bromine is becoming commonplace in our environment and in our bodies bromine is used in place of iodine when it is present. And we get a lot of bromine from processed foods, plastics, fire retardants, asthma meds, insecticides, pool chemicals and additives to our food. The stuff is toxic, and we need to increase our iodine intake in order for our bodies to function correctly with all that bromine. Read about it here, (Bromine Dominance)

Number TWO: WHOLE GRAINS: Yeah, even wheat. Adding whole grains to your diet will not make you fat, in fact just the opposite is true. Even though current fads are low carb no grains for weight loss, those things are touted by self professed gurus that want you to buy THEIR books, diet plans and other crap. Science is with me here, well, and the facts are that three fourths of the world exists on a grain based diet and yet these gurus refuse to accept that their lack of obesity is a benefit of that diet. However, whole grains doesn't mean Cheerios and Raisin Bran. Whole grains means just that, no store bought bread loaded with crappy sugar and toxins, no processed anything, just real whole grains, soaked, sprouted, fermented, steamed and/or cooked WHOLE. Well, ground or whole. But not processed through the commercial system of stripping off the nutrients and fiber. Some one some where that's way way smarter than I am once said that if food is advertised on TV than we should avoid it. That's pretty sound advice in today's world.
Wheat, Teff, Rye, Barley, Oats, Quinoa, Millet, Amaranth, and let's throw in all the legumes as well.

Number ONE: BROWN RICE: God's most perfect food. Real unpolished rice with all the bran all the nutrients left intact in all the various flavors and colors, from Imperial Black to Red to Green to Brown in over six thousand varieties, it will sustain your life like no other substance on earth. If you eat brown rice at least five times a week you will not have dry skin, dandruff, constipation or most bowel problems. It is indeed a miracle food. And one of the most versatile things for a great chef to work with and present in a million ways.


Number TEN: FARM RAISED FISH, Farmed Atlantic salmon is not the same thing. It has been outlawed in most of Europe, Russia and even in the country that owns most of the salmon farms. It is loaded with toxic chemicals and has very little Omega 3. Farmed trout, shrimp, catfish and especially tilapia are primarily raised in China and southeast Asia, fed human and animal waste and processed in horrific unsanitary conditions.

Number NINE: PROCESSED FOODS -Again, if it's advertised, then it probably shouldn't be eaten by humans. At least anyone in anyway interested in being healthy. There are several concerns, first is that the MODERN processing methods remove most of the nutrients, in order to get humans addicted they add MSG, salt, sugar or artificial sweeteners, and lastly they add a multitude of preservatives, conditioners and chemicals that have functions that we can only guess as to their true purpose. We do know for a FACT that most of the big food companies reformulate their crap without many of the artificial additives when for sale in Europe because the stuff is outlawed there. Anyway, it can be difficult at times, I'm aware of that, but try, read labels, avoid the crap with ingredients you can't pronounce, buy from small independent organic companies. Yes, you can buy real mac and cheese that's acceptable. Bread from small artisan bakers and whenever possible, take time to make real food. And let's not forget to forgo sugar as well. We all have, or should have seen all the new data on how fructose and sucrose are metabolized and what it does to our bodies. It ain't pretty.

Number EIGHT: PROCESSED OILS, not good oils like coconut and olive, but all the rest of the stuff that is just destroyed by modern agrigiant food companies in their attempt to make products that will last on store shelves for years. That process strips away any nutrients and destroys ANY health benefits by converting all the fats to BAD ones. I know, that isn't what they advertise, but in reality, they test the raw stuff and publish those stats. And of course for me, Canola is the worst offender. If you read about it, the feds allow up to 2% of Erucic Acid. This is a cumulative poison, your body doesn't break it down and instead it destroys internal organs and brain tissue. They all downplay that aspect of the stuff, however the data is all there, and it is indeed scary. Oils to avoid at all costs, Vegetable (generic) Cottonseed, Corn, Soy, Canola, Chinese Peanut, and oils to think twice about unless they are organic expeller pressed, Safflower, Sunflower, Grape Seed. 

Number SEVEN: CAFO RAISED MEATS, if you are unfamiliar with the term CAFO, it is short for Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation. This concept appeared in the early fifties as a method of reducing labor costs in the production of feed animals as well as those used for milk and egg production. It involves overcrowding of animals into confined spaces, and dealing with the consequences of animals living in their own wastes as they arise. And the sad part is that those consequences arise, grow and become ever more detrimental to human health at an alarming rate. CAFO meat, milk and eggs are contaminated with bacteria of numerous varieties and with the overuse of antibiotics are now resistant. This isn't just me, nearly 70% of food recalls by the FDA are for bacterial contamination traced back to CAFO facilities. CAFO animals are REGULARLY fed not just antibiotics but arsenic, processed wastes of other CAFO animals, grains that have pesticide residues that are over 200 times what is deemed safe for human consumption and they are also injected with a multitude of chemicals to make them produce more milk or grow more muscle. We have no idea what the long term consequences of consumption of CAFO meats, milk and eggs does to a human system. But since long term diseases are on the rise it might be one factor.

Number SIX: COMMERCIAL BREAD. Any bread that contains Bleached and Bromated flour, or has Azodicarbonamide listed in the ingredients is a POISON. These ingredients are illegal to use in most of the WORLD. In America, they make bread softer and whiter. (The AZO) Those are the big three, but realistically if you read the ingredients on ANY commercial bread there are a bunch of things listed that are hard to pronounce and shouldn't be there. MOST, if not all, are cumulative toxins and added for the purpose of added shelf life, softness, speed of production or who knows why, but they aren't there for your benefit. Avoid them. Or just for fun, look them up on the EPA database to see just how toxic they are.

Number FIVE: GENETICALLY MODIFIED FOOD, Just because the manufacturer says they are safe doesn't mean they are. There have been a lot of things they made in the past that slowly killed the populace, we just don't know about GMOs. The one thing we do know is that the amounts of residues of pesticides and herbicides is several magnitudes higher than on traditional crops and that is where the problems are that we can currently see. Avoid all of them.

Number FOUR: HFCS, AGAVE, & ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS. I sort of lump them all together for this list. High Fructose Corn Syrup is bad on many levels, the Mercury contamination is just one of the ones that scares the bejeesus out of me. Agave is pretty much HFCS but made from succulents of any number of species and the big problem is that nearly all of it is made in Mexico and I think of their food production in just about the same way as China. Artificial sweeteners, well, I write about them all the time, and if you don't know why they are bad, you live in a cave.

Number THREE: SOY & ANYTHING IN PLASTIC. What? Yeah, soy is right along with the endocrine disruptors that are given off by plastics when heated. And if bottled in plastic, it was hot when bottled. If you buy food that must be reheated or cooked and it's in plastic, don't eat it. Take out in styrofoam is adding some nasty chemicals to the food when it's put in there when hot. And soy does the same thing, they all interfere with the normal functions of our systems and all should be avoided. And realistically, have you looked at any of the info about the 20 some billion TONS of plastic wastes in the ocean? It's just being a good world citizen when you reduce your plastic use.

Number TWO:  FAST FOOD.  There is nothing good about ANY of it. Plus all that money going into the registers of fast food joints perpetuates the cyclical chain of degradation of our economy, our health, our environment as well as promoting industries that place profit above considerations for long term sustainable systems. When money goes into the pockets of corporate giants and Wall Street do-nothings then a system of exploitive production along with horrific corruption are the end result. Yeah, lots of people bitch and whine about how bad our economy is and how corrupt our leaders are, but none realize that feeding the money machine at the local fast food joint and consuming cheaply made loaded with additives foods is just one step in the perpetuation of the object of their disapproval. If you wonder why all the better paying semi-skilled jobs in manufacturing have disappeared it's not just because of cheap labor over seas, it's because without SOME source of income within the economy, it will fail. Minimum wage fast food jobs are the answer to keep this economy moving. We all need to break the cycle and make our own food and of course, get educated as much as possible. 

Number ONE: ANYTHING FROM CHINA. America is pretty bad, but China has surpassed us as well as Vietnam, India and even Malaysia as the MOST polluted country on Earth. Eating anything produced in China is unsafe and only serves to perpetuate the system that allows the abuse of the Earth for profit. 

So, these are my updated lists. It's a sad thing that I have to have these, but the fact is that so many corporate leaders have no long term vision of their actions. And none believe themselves to be responsible for the health of the consumers that they serve. The thought process for ALL of the leaders of the agricorporations is that because all of us do it, then no one can single any specific corporation as the cause of their illnesses or loss of life. The fact is that they ALL DO IT! In unity there is protection from liability. They do it because they can. It's up to each of us to turn the tide and seek out purveyors of good wholesome foods. If we spend out money wisely, perhaps we as humans may live to see another epoch of time.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Why aren't you seeing the same thing I see? IT'S THE SAME DAMN DATA! I'm just not trying to sell you vaccines

Here on this blog I have on several occasions discussed how science, other than pure mathematics, is all about interpretation of data. That's just the way it works when you are trying to show how specific factors, such as including a specific chemical in a diet, affect a population. We all know that chemicals, toxins, poisons, all affect INDIVIDUALS differently. Using statistical analysis researchers then extrapolate what they THINK happens to populations based on the data garnered from experimenting on individuals. That's where things get tricky, it's that old statistical analysis. I took three semesters of statistics in college, (it was required for my degree) and I have to admit that for the most part, that whole branch of science makes very little sense. It's all about INTERPRETING data to reach conclusions. My son works for an organization (he doesn't want me to state which agency) and he will tell you that there are in fact 23 different ways in which you can arrive at an average for a specific environmental gradient and the method you use to get there depends on what you need. If it's to avoid federal fines, you use a different method than the method you use to issue fines to major businesses. It's all in HOW you interpret data. 

So, let's look at the science rag Journal of Toxicology in the October 2014 edition. (JT 10-2014) which as you will see if you go there is all about aluminum. Realistically aluminum (Al) has not been a part of human development. It just wasn't found as salts or compounds in nature. Then about 160 years ago humans began to mine Al and use it in industry. And of course, this has led to free Al being in our environments, in our food, and lately, in our vaccines. This study details pretty specifically how Al is a compound that acts on the Central Nervous System (CNS) in a number of deleterious ways and across multiple levels to induce biometric entropy, which is basically corruption of biological messages from genes, epigenetics, proteins, cells, tissues and organs. The article points out how CNS problems are correlated with diseases like Autism Spectral Disorder. Then it goes on to explain that using Al adjuvants in a vaccine is dangerous as the Al stays in the body and studies have shown that the adjuvants travel to the brain where they can be detected up to a year after injection. And here is a good place to note that aluminum has ABSOLUTELY no function in human anatomy and is considered a neurotoxin.

Am I reading that report right? Aluminum is BAD?

Okay, yeah, I did read that report correctly. So why do they use Al in vaccines anyway? Well, let's see. If we look at the 2011 issue of Current Medical Chemistry (CMC 2011) “Aluminum is an experimentally demonstrated neurotoxin and the most commonly used vaccine adjuvant. Despite almost 90 years of widespread use of aluminum adjuvants, medical science’s understanding about their mechanisms of action is still remarkably poor. There is also a concerning scarcity of data on toxicology and pharmacokinetics of these compounds. In spite of this, the notion that aluminum in vaccines is safe appears to be widely accepted. Experimental research, however, clearly shows that aluminum adjuvants have a potential to induce serious immunological disorders in humans. In particular, aluminum in adjuvant form carries a risk for autoimmunity, long-term brain inflammation and associated neurological complications and may thus have profound and widespread adverse health consequences.”  and then down a bit is this  “The issue of vaccine safety thus becomes even more pertinent given that, to the best of our knowledge, no adequate clinical studies have been conducted to establish the safety of concomitant administration of two experimentally-established neurotoxins, aluminum and mercury, the latter in the form of ethyl mercury (thimerosal) in infants and children. Since these molecules negatively affect many of the same biochemical processes and enzymes implicated in the etiology of autism, the potential for a synergistic toxic action is plausible. Additionally, for the purpose of evaluating safety and efficacy, vaccine clinical trials often use an aluminium-containing placebo, either containing the same or greater amount of aluminum as the test vaccine. Without exception, these trials report a comparable rate of adverse reactions between the placebo and the vaccine group (for example, 63.7% vs 65.3% of systemic events and 1.7% vs 1.8% of serious adverse events respectively.” and further down on page 3 is this bit "..infants and children in the U.S. receive up to 49 times the FDA safety limit for Aluminum during each vaccine session"

Am I reading that report right? On test groups they inject kids and get nearly the same rate of adverse reactions along with SERIOUS reactions whether they are in the test group or the placebo group when the placebo has nothing but Al in it?

 Yeah, I read that right. But let's take a look at the science rag Entropy (Entropy Sept 2012) which is where I got this little bit of info, "We propose that children with the autism diagnosis are especially vulnerable to toxic metals such as aluminum and mercury due to insufficient serum sulfate and glutathione. A strong correlation between autism and the MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) vaccine is also observed"

Am I reading that report right? Yeah, I am.

 Okay, let's look at another rag, the very prestigious Journal of Toxicology in the June 2013 issue (JT 2013) And here we see another interesting conclusion by actual scientists. "Thimerosal clearly demonstrates that certain individuals with a mild mitochondrial defect may be highly susceptible to mitochondrial specific toxins like thimerosal. What does this mean? It means that people with a slight DNA difference are at risk for developing neurodegenerative diseases via vaccination." And to those that believe that Mercury is no longer present in vaccines need to ask your doctor to read the label before they inject that flu or pneumonia vaccine into yourself or your child. They did remove it from many vaccines, but it is still used extensively in many of the other vaccines like flu and pneumonia. And actually you can look up the ingredients of vaccines on the FDA website. 

So, am I reading that report right? Yeah, for some with a genetic predisposition, mercury in vaccines can lead to neurodegenerative disorders. Is there a way to test for that? No, you take your chances. It's a crap shoot as they say. One in six children today in America have diagnosable behavioral disorders. One in fifty have Autism. For every one thousand live births, eighteen die before the age of two.That infant mortality rate is higher than CUBA!!!!

Realistically there is no SPECIFIC scientific study that links childhood vaccinations to any problems. Who would pay for it, and what rag would print it? Advertising revenue pretty much governs what goes into magazines, the news, well, our world. It doesn't diminish reality though. There is a huge correlation between the causative effects of vaccination and increased autism as well as the very big one, increased infant mortality. Which is detailed quite extensively in this report (NCBI on SIDS)

 I'm not an idiot. I understand that vaccines save lives. The specific concept is sound, the execution of that concept has become corrupted within the pharmacology industry today. As long as there is no accountability to the pharmacology industry for their products, there will never be true safety. Shortcuts, falsified data, lies and the quest for billions of dollars in profits for the entire industry drive the NEED to vaccinate everyone. Last time I went to my doctor, he again told me to get the flu vaccine. This time, I asked him if he had read the information that came with it. He said no, he didn't need to. The vaccine would keep me from getting the flu. I then told him to read the warnings, that if I was already sick, which is why I was there, then the warning advised against vaccinating me. There are a whole host of things on that warning label, and he had never looked at it. I don't think he is the only doctor that does that. After all, over fifty of the seventy bucks charged to your insurance company goes right into his pocket.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Even I have to say it this time, Chef Roy, WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH YOU?

The British are such a wondrous nation, fantastic people, enchanting really. Their cuisine as a whole rivals that of every other nation on, oh criminy, even I can't say that with a straight face. Let's face it, with the exception of Stilton Cheese, fish and chips and real good tavern made spoiled beer vinegars, the English Islanders are not very well known for good food. It doesn't mean there aren't a few adventuresome spirits out there creating some exceptional comestibles, but for the most part these people eat overcooked vegetables, pork fat pudding with currants (Aptly named Spotted Dick) and roast beef. A full English Breakfast consists of soft boiled eggs, sausages and baked beans from a tin. Sigh, I truly believe that this is the reason the Brits left their tiny island and sought a decent cuisine across the pond in the new world. But then every human on Earth should at one time be subjected to the horrors of being presented mashed cooked peas for breakfast at least once in their life in order to appreciate what they have and were raised with, even if it's Cheerios and Coco Puffs which here now in this one place only will I ever admit to having eaten and enjoyed somewhat better than green pea mash.

So, let's see what we can do about making English food, well, tasty. I mean that after all, I am the weird guy, that Chef that does things a bit differently. And I have in the past made some odd, but delicious things, (the sushi ravioli were to die for) and I believe that I am up to the task. Once we get to experience traditional flavors that are altered into wondrous delights that are tasty, easy and nutritious then I am hopeful that everyone will begin to experiment with cooking their own foods at home and experience the fun and pleasure that can be derived by cooking your own healthy foods. Today, we are going for something fun. Toad in the Hole with Apple Onion Gravy, and the traditional Cauliflower and Pea side dish that won't scare you to death with the inherent blandness so typical of English veggie dishes.

Let's start with the gravy. This really is pretty traditional, I haven't altered it a lot. It is an old standby that has served the cause of adding moisture and flavor to dead dried out overcooked foods in Britain since time began. It works, it's easy, here's how to do it. Take an apple, peel it, cut it into small cubes. Take an onion and dice it. Melt a pat of butter in a heavy skillet and add the onions and apple, and cook over medium heat about 15 minutes. The onions should beginning to caramelize and brown. Many recipes add sugar, I don't think that's necessary. Add a bit of fresh thyme and about three tablespoons of AP flour with another couple pats of butter. Cook the flour and butter for another 3 or 4 minutes, then add a cup of chicken stock and a half cup of half and half. Bring to a boil and reduce to simmer. Season with pepper, cayenne and salt if you must. Keep warm. Cauliflower is one of those vegetables that is just weird. The English have for generations cooked the stuff until it is mushy then added peas to it and cooked it even more. I haven't figured out why. My version is pretty cool though, try it, you will love it.

Take a head of cauliflower and cut the stalks off the central core. Cut the big stalks in half, just slice them through from the central core up through the top. Set aside. In a big skillet with tight fitting lid melt a couple pats of butter in a tablespoon of olive oil. Coat the pan and then place as many of the cut cauls cut side down into the skillet. Push them tightly together and get as many as you can onto the bottom of the skillet. Season generously with fresh cracked pepper. Cover and turn the heat down to medium low. Let cook about 15 minutes, the cut sides should be crispy and browned. Now take a couple cups of sugar snap peas and toss into the pan, cover again and let steam for another 5 to 8 minutes. Toss in a few sliced mint leaves and keep warm.

Now, the Toad in the Hole. I just had to do something with this, and what I came up with is just pure genius. I have a Belgian Waffle maker and so I used that. I bought some of those little cocktail weenies because Matt had a coupon and wanted some so I got a few packs of them. I took one pack and opened it, rinsed them off and dried them. Then in a skillet I added a half a diced onion to some butter and cooked until well caramelized. Then I added a cup of Merlot and the sausages. I cooked them until the wine evaporated completely and the little weiners were glazed. Now, I made a standard whole wheat waffle batter and heated up the waffle iron. I threw a bunch of the sausages onto the iron, they sort of rolled around and didn't land on the actual squares where the holes are. Then I added some batter, closed the lid and five minutes later, I had a waffle with little cocktail weenies in it. Now, a Toad, some gravy and some decent cauliflower, that's English cooking like the English wish they could eat.